Yes, Vicki did receive "classical training" while completing her Bachelor of Music degree at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.  But it wasn't until after college that she discovered a vocal coach who trained her in techniques for singing just about every other style of music. 

This, combined with the huge range of repertoire required of an Army Band vocalist, and years and years of hard earned experience makes Vicki a unique source of information for those wanting to learn.

As mentioned on other pages, Vicki is heavily involved with the organization C.A.M.M.O - Center for Military Music Opportunities. Through C.A.M.M.O., Vicki has been given the opportunity to not only sing, but also to expand her coaching skills.
 In May 2013, Vicki started as a vocal coach and choir master for the American Military Spouses Choir, which advanced to the semi-finals on the NBC television show “America’s Got Talent” in 2013. She continues to train, rehearse and perform with the choir at performances throughout the US. This also includes coaching the best possible performances out of the choir soloists!

March of 2014 saw her join the Artistic Team for the US Army Soldier Show. Her work with the Soldier Show cast included individual coaching, ensemble coaching, vocal warm ups and group instruction on vocal techniques and vocal health. She also worked with the cast of the 2015 Soldier Show, and was preparing to work with the 2016 cast, until the Show's unfortunate cancellation in early 2016. 

She also worked with another side of the Army Entertainment Team in December 2015  as a vocal coach for the singing competition "Operation Rising Star" (formerly "Military Idol" - yes, the competition she won back in 2006!), her first time on the other side of the competition!

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