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As the daughter of a music teacher, and someone who has studied tuba, piano, and percussion as well as voice, Vicki prides herself on being a musician first. 

Because of a need with the Australian Army Band, she  "fell into" arranging, but as with most things musical, she took to it pretty quickly!

She started as an assistant arranger with the Australian Army Band, then took over when the lead arranger retired.  Once in the US, she continued to write arrangements for concert band and smaller groups,  with the 257th Army Band.  

Now, as a part of C.A.M.M.O., she has written and continues to write many of the vocal arrangements used by the American Military Spouses Choir, 4troops, and Voices of Service.   This included orchestrating "The Promise That We Make" for the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, for performances featuring the Spouses Choir in 2014 and 2015.

Vicki was also a part of the Artistic Team for the US Army Soldier Show, and wrote or co-wrote many of the vocal arrangements for the 2014 and 2015 shows.